Monday Motivation: Weight Training

Let’s do this ! Monday is here and we are excited to get back to working on ourselves. As we all know summer bodies are made in fall/winter , as challenging as that is because it’s also the season for the best tasting Holiday food we all love ! Throughout the Fall/Winter we will keep you updated and informed on ways to prepare the foods you love without the extra calorie. We all want to live our most healthy lives in order to look and feel our best. While exercise is an essential part of weight loss and management, you should realize that exercises that target your abdominal area won’t help you burn the fat. They will define the muscle there, but in order to achieve abs you first have to get rid of the fat you have in your belly.

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Weight Training:
In conjunction with a good cardio workout weight training will help build muscle. Muscle will burn calories. Below You can find free weight training workouts for beginners to advance. Cardio three to five times a week with a good weight training program will help you burn overall body fat and that includes the dreaded belly fat.

1.overhead press
2.back squats
3.bench press


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