Christian Dior Skirt Suit

$225.95 Incl Tax

Vintage Christian Dior Boutique
Blazer with skirt can be worn as (skirt suit) optional
Double Breast
Pin Stripe
(Dry Cleaned for your convenience)

Size S-M

Skirt Measurements

11 1/2 in waist

16 1/2 in hip

20 1/2 in Length


Christian Dior History :

World War II ended, and while the world was normalizing and settling into comfortable fashion- utilitarian attires and vestiary austerity; nothing felt newer than Dior’s vision. His first collection rejected the modern course of dressing established in the 1920s and 30s, which intended to liberate women from the restrictive sculptural volumes and corsets of early 20th-century fashion. Instead, he presented an image of radical femininity, achieved by tight-fitting jackets with padded hips, petite waists, and A-line skirts.

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