Three Best Cardio Workouts For Women

Women find it hard to spare time for gym and other fancy workouts. But, like many other essential things maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial for females. 

Cardio workouts assist in losing weight and have innumerable benefits on your physical and mental health. When we do cardio or any physical exercise daily, it releases a chemical in our body called “Endorphins.” This chemical assists brain in reducing stress, depression, anxiety, and any physical pain. It also plays a vital role in keeping people positive, light-hearted and happy. 

Here are the three best and easiest cardio workouts for women. 

1.Jumping with a rope:

Women only need a jumping rope to do this cardio workout. Rope jumping can assist you in losing almost 1300 calories per day. It also assists in building your strength, flexibility and increases blood flow. It keeps women energized and has a positive effect on their overall mood. Research reveals that rope jumping improves coordination and cognitive function as well. 

2.Doing Burpees:

This cardio workout involves movement of the overall body. It involves a lot of physical exertion. It’s a combination of pushups, jumps, and squats. Doing burpees reduces the risk of heart attack and diabetes. It also assists in lowering blood pressure. Women don’t need a lot of space to do this convenient workout.

Doing it every day can have a positive impact on a women’s physical and mental health. 

3.High-Intensity Interval Workout:

All those women who find it hard to spare sufficient time for their workout usually opt for this cardio training. It requires less time but is amazingly effective. This training is a combination of burpees, pushups, lunges, and butt kicks. It acts as a weight loss pill that burns your calories even for hours. 

This training is very popular among women. It helps in gaining muscle strength, and also provides an improvement in oxygen consumption.  


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